Sunday, September 16, 2007

NYT is dead-wrong! Fred Thompson can campaign any way he damn well pleases -- let the other Romneys stomp Iowa six times a day


Okeydoke. Bus trip. That was the way that it was done. The tour bus off to Iowa, New Hampshire, Virginia, Tennessee, Iowa, Texas, California, put the West Wing Vol 6 in the DVD player, sit back and enjoy the ride. Don't forget New Jersey! Not this year. Not if you read DRUDGE, NYT, Reuters, Yahoo!, Salon, YOU TUBES RANTS, Newt Gingrich's doom + gloom forecast (80% democrat, Mr. Speaker?), the cal thomas' cavalcade, and the best part, " rudy vs hilary and the battle of ny"right in Battery Park!, sir. No need today.

The way that it is done in 2008 is simple, new-fangled MEDIA, PROMOTION and CHUTZPAH. YOU TUBE and the swinging 24 hour media are only part of it because the news NEVER shuts down!

Remedy is immediate: Just get out the message and pass it along. No tour bus needed.

Yes, like the message, clean up the war, pro-life, federalist values. Yes, now even Greenspan says that Bush got us into war but to save our oil. Why couldn't he just come out and say that TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to stop Saddam in the first place? What's done is done. Now someone has to be depended upon to clean up the mess, and damnit, have the US come clean.
But I ask you, does it really matter where you hear this, and learn how it will unfold?

(after all, you are reading this, aren't you? Do you really care where I am? And who am I talking about?

F R E D i D. IT H O M P S O N, now broadcasting from MCLEAN, VIRGINIA.

you got it!)
---abbebuck, apr

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