Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson? Decisions, decisions

Dear Mike's people,

Dear Friends of Fred's people:

{{{{ ---from abbe buck pr politco diary - entry friday night during larry king live: So, here I am, a very good communicator, operative perhaps, losing a great deal of weight but do I now have a Supersized ego????---Heaven preserve us! Let us hope NOT! And here is my resume:

I will vote for ______________ , but my [heart] is with Mike Huckabee, whom I would like to work for someday, if Fred Thompson doesn't hire lil' ol' me! For Fred is the P.R. king and is playing the biggest room of all, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! A new spin for different times -- must keep Hilary OUT! }}}}}}}

Abbe B., who shed 140 lbs the huckabee way, damnit :-) (((Make that -146 and counting!))) My eternal thanks go to Mike -- see:
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