Monday, May 07, 2007

Part 2, of DC Madam does not have (her) names named, DAMNIT!

Click here to receive's take: ABC Refuses to Name 'DC Madam' Clients (Independent)The network said it would not reveal the identities of scores of clients of Deborah Palfrey's alleged prostitution ring because they were not well enough known to be "newsworthy." ABC News said that, having ploughed through 46 pounds of phone records, it had discovered that among the clients of the service were senior business executives, NASA officials and at least five military officers.

DISCUSS: Should ABC publish 'DC Madam' list?

HVPR answer: in the immoral (sic) words of Walter Winchell's dope-L-gang-rrr, J.J. Hunsucker, (sp) "GIVE THEM DIRT, AND LOT'S OF IT!"*

*(sweet smell of success - 1957 - 2005)

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