Friday, August 04, 2006

Vox Populi coming back to CBS - Katie Couric pushing uninterupted FREE SPEECH

Does that mean Hillary in '08? - let us know!


Matt Drudge(DrudgeReport) reports: the CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC debuts on Tuesday, Sept. 5 (6:30-7:00 PM, ET), the broadcast will include a new regular feature called Free Speech, a segment of opinion and commentary from a wide range of Americans. This original segment is intended to create a candid and robust dialogue among viewers about issues important to them, their families and the nation.

'Free Speech' will be unlike anything that currently exists on a network evening news broadcast, said Rome Hartman, Executive Producer, CBS EVENING NEWS. We are not looking to pit one side against another or to broadcast shouting matches -- there's already more than enough of that on television. And it won't be a collection of the 'usual suspects' or 'talking heads;' in fact, we intend it to be just the opposite of that.

Free Speech will feature a wide and diverse group of voices commenting on an array of subjects. One night, the segment may feature a well known national figure speaking out on a current issue in the news, while the next night, someone may offer a humorous take on a trend in the culture, or it might be Bob Schieffer's unique take on Washington or the world.

The segment will be a real attempt to reflect what Americans are thinking and feeling, as people from all parts of the country representing all perspectives and points of view will be able to speak their minds -- uninterrupted. ((((yeah, just like that silly bitch who kept interrupting Rabbi Schmully and dissing him re: Mel Gibson on the Joe Scraborough idiot-fest Weds. night - that wuz a doozy -- what was that woman's name - she was a Catholic Groupie fer sure!)))) This isn't our opinion, says Hartman. Our goal is to offer a new and transparent outlet for the incredible variety and diversity of voices in this country, and we believe that doing so will help make our viewers--and us--better informed.

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Abbe Buck[PR] said...

You are such a wise woman: _this says it all:_

Anyway, only a seasoned former Israeli soldier is going to be able to protect him from the person who decides enough is enough & tries to take him out, deservedly. /He knows who has his back, or does he? /Hmmm...