Friday, June 16, 2006

Dan Rather -- GONE! End of the "Big 3" Jennings - Brokaw - Rather era fer sure! -- RATHER OUTTA HERE -- CBS shooing the icon out of black rock

welcome Katie!

while limbaugh, hannnnnity and the wannabees are gloating into their mics. Burp.

From MediaBistro as I am now reduced to a wannabee PR flack (sigh)

Reps Appear "Close To A Deal That Will End Rather's Association With CBS News"

The AP's version of today's Rather stories: "Dan Rather...apparently is in his final days at CBS News." Someone at CBS wants this story out: "CBS executives and Rather's representatives appear close to a deal that will end Rather's association with CBS News after more than 40 years, according to an executive knowledgeable about the situation who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity on Thursday."Today's reports about Rather are on the home pages of,, and, among others. It's running with this unflattering photo...((((what is the frequency kenneth- the texas bataan death march you say? BOO! No more Letterman))))


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