Monday, May 29, 2006

"If this man 'Pat-700 Club' can bench-press 2,000 LBS, I have tits like Pamela Anderson."

I am not a gay man, although the post below was written by one.

And trust me, my breasts are saggy, baggy and NOT insured by Lloyds of London, silicone implants or NOT!

In my opinion, Robertson should just be exiled somewhere -- to the MOON!

Saturday, May 27, 2006- Pat Robertson story continues to get coverage by AMERICABLOG'S Chris in Paris - 5/27/2006 09:03:00 PM

Now remind me again if it is a sin to tell a lie? Pat was hoping to hawk his snake oil and instead seems to have been exposed.
Oh dear. (AP)

(((Stand back, Madeline Albright! You can only press 400 measly lbs!)))

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson says he has leg-pressed 2,000 pounds, but some say he'd be in a pretty tough spot if he tried.The "700 Club" host's feat of strength is recounted on the Web site of his Christian Broadcasting Network, in a posting headlined "How Pat Robertson Leg Pressed 2,000 Pounds."According to the CBN Web site, Robertson worked his way up to lifting a ton with the help of his physician, who is not named.

The posting does not say when the lift occurred, but a CBN spokeswoman released photos to The Associated Press that she said showed Robertson lifting 2,000 pounds in 2003, when Robertson was 73. He is now 76....This photo provided by the Christian Broadcasting Network shows religious broadcaster Pat Robertson leg pressing what is claimed to be 2,000 pounds at the fitness center at the Founders Inn on Regent University campus in Virginia Beach, Va., Feb. 1, 2003. A CBN spokesman claims the photo is from 2003 even though the date stamp on the photo says 8/1/1994.

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