Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who is blogger Ben Domeninici--Domenech?----Don Ameche---and what, exactly did he "steal"?

Sometimes Americablog, Salon, PJ O'Rourke get the bigger GET than lowly JEFF GANNON (who dat?) but this boy Republican Ben Domenici is trying to defend himself on one of the worst blogs in the US -- surely, what else could I do? Well, you can teacvh other's works, now, instead of lift passages from them!

--from Americablog, or as Michelle Malkin calls them, the "moonbats" (!)---but, ah, what a GET! They went after this guy in a way that Oprah never dreamed to go after James Risen -- as did Salon, as did even the NYT!

--and this is why AmericaBlog is, indeed, the new expose'. SIDEBAR: Of course, Avarosis does not care for me, because I tried in a PR-flack fashion, to dissect Jeff Gannon. BIG MISTAKE on my part. Gloria Allred had him pegged from Day #1.

National Review finds even more pieces Washington Post ex-blogger appears to have plagiarized while working for Natl Review by John in DC - 3/24/2006 10:59:00 PM

The National Review Online, for whom the Post blogger wrote previously, has
now found numerous questionable cases of possible plagiarism while writing for the National Review, which pretty much blows the "college indiscretion" argument out the window (Ben, the blogger, is now claiming these were mistakes when he was a 17 year old freshman, even though he's not even really admitting that he even plagiarized back then).

Of course, the National Review plagiarism was after college, and he's only 24, so it wasn't that long ago.Unfortunately, he's really proving what a hack he really is. At this point, admit you did wrong, and dedicate your life to making it right. Don't grandstand about how you've been screwed by the communist lefties. You obviously have some issues with right and wrong and as a self-proclaimed social conservative and a Christian, who has no problem lecturing others in your writings, you need to get your own house in order, as do your fellow conservatives who are still defending you.

You may be a nice guy but you can't be trusted. It's a common problem amongst your people, fellow conservative bloggers and Republicans at large. You guys profess to be good Christians, (and Conservative Jews) you lecture other people about their values, but when push comes to shove, your values suck, and it's not clear what if anything you actually believe in other than platitudes about cutting taxes, stopping abortion and bashing gays. And even those have gotten a bit old.

What do you guys believe in, if not honestly and integrity and having a good soul?I have to say, though, that I'm impressed that the National Review online cares enough about their credibility, and is smart enough about it, to not just investigate, but to actually tell us publically what's going on. They didn't need to inform us that they've found other cases of the blogger's plagiarism, they could have just wiped them off of their site. By going public they're doing something a lot of companies, and a lot of media companies, don't do. It's called transparency, and being honest, and letting the chits fall where they will even though it's a fellow conservative taking the hit.
Anyway, I think they deserve a bit of credit for handling this the appropriate way.

Finally an open thread by John in DC - 3/24/2006 11:42:00 PM
Rather a busy day in blogistan. *

Now, about Don Ameche.....


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