Friday, March 03, 2006

Let's keep it politically *correct* - Accept the statue in 60 seconds, get OFF the stage, no Abram-OFF jokes, Jon Stewart!

No one will get the joke in la-la land EXCEPT that vile George Clooney!

Hollywood in trouble
--and the Brits know why!

Gone in sixty seconds
Tom Hanks shows how to accept an Oscar

Oily Slick thrills and refined suspense, says Anthony Quinn
Graham Coxon
The former Blur(ry) guitarist is now at ease with himself
Robert Fisk
Setback for Hariri inquiry
Nigeria's civil war
The heart of darkness! O' Africa!
Curse of Oliver!
The price of fame - Jack "HR PUF-IN-STUF" Wild dies at 53
Test your Italian
Try our interactive quiz by ALDO!


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