Sunday, March 05, 2006

I read Ann Coulter on Oscar: I wanted to SAY ANYTHING about the level of contradiction--dare I speak hypocricy's name, and then I read_________


from AMERICABLOG, and deadly on point, of course.

If Ann Coulter were her fans' daughter, they'd call her a slut
by John in DC - (((comments by HighVizPR))) 3/05/2006 02:55:00 PM

It's funny how Ann Coulter gets away with being such a conservative cultural marm when she lives the life of such a skank.The woman lived in New York City, then moved to Palm Beach, dresses like a slut, and hangs out with gay men like Matt Drudge (a "conservative" closet case who lives in South Beach, ((((and Ann also lives in the Hamptons))) where he moved from Hollywood). I'm sorry, but such is not the lifestyle of a raging conservative who has any credibility attacking liberal lifestyles. Ann lives the liberal lifestyle I can only dream of (except the tight slutty clothing).

And the real irony is that while conservatives love Coulter's rants against liberal morality, if she were their daughter and dressed the way she does, they'd ground her.Thus we lead into Ann's Oscar predictions. They're not really predictions, per se, the article is just another chance for Ann to launch bigoted attacks - this time calling gays "homos" and suggesting that Ang Lee will win an Academy Award for being "Asian."

But the most atrocious and dangerous part of Coulter's article is her, once again, defense of Senator Joseph McCarthy. You see, Ann thinks Senator McCarthy, the guy who launched anti-communist witch hunts against so many innocent Americans based on no evidence whatsoever, well that Senator McCarthy got a bum rup in history, according to Ann.

Here's an excerpt from her most recently article, that I won't be linking to: (((but HighVizPR must and WILL -- this is WHY I BLOG *** )))

--The best original screenplay will be "Good Night, and Good Luck" as Hollywood's final tribute to the old Stalinists (Hollywood's version of "The Greatest Generation").

Ah yes, the McCarthy years. The real crime was all the "Stalinist" liberals that the poor Senator had to root out.Coulter would be pathetic if she weren't so widely admired by Republicans. She goes to their dinners and gets paid a pretty sum to spew her venomous bigotry. And the Republicans have no problem with it.

(((Ann Coulter, you are a Goddamn fool. Please, please open and read her predictions, and laugh at the ridiculousness of her ranting! More and more venues are firing her -- here's why -- because her 'edgy 'conservativism is a ruse as long as she living the lifestyle of a Condi wannabe in a Matt Drudge world ----(read--fag hag, and yes, I may offend!) and yes, there is a BIG back lash in store, starting NOW))):

Personally, Coulter can be as skanky as she wants, that's her business (well, if America were the way Coulter and her buddies on the far-right want it to be, she'd probably be stoned for the way she dressed and talk). But if she's going to pretend to be a culture marm, while continuing to use her column and her pulpit to promote bigotry and, of all things, McCarthyism, then someone should let the papers that run Coulter's un-American bile know exactly what kind of filth they're distributing in good family newspapers.


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