Wednesday, February 22, 2006

PREZ VOWS TO VETO - WANTS ARAB - DUBAI TO RUN 6 PORTS --Dear Mr. Chertoff, Senators, does this make sense to you?

DRUDGE headline--


AP: Bush Shrugs Off Objections to Port Deal - although he found out about it at the last minute!

(((--this is from "mr. anti-terrorism"? pulleaz! -- so much for "Buy American" -- so much for keeping the terrorism out, eh? So much for our "addiction to oil". Now we have this President, this man who is the King of the United States, King George, ready to let a deal go through that will let the ARAB-terror-friendly-Dubai run our ports? That is stupid and a shocker to many, FROM BOTH SIDE OF THE AISLE )))

Please read the following from a colleague of mine, Barb H. Many happen to agree, in a most bi-partisan fashion. Also--good article cited by Barbara: Port Insecurity.

I am outraged to learn that the US GOVT awarded a contract to the UAE to provide security at 6 vital US ports. It is unthinkable.

How can the president talk about national security and safeguards to protect our shores and stamp out terrorism in one breadth and yet provide ready access to
potential anti-American sympathizers? How can HLS even think about awarding
this sensitive contract and access point to a non-US company (or non-US employees?) It is unthinkable to me. Stupid.

This leaves us very vulnerable because it is not like procedures or maps or infrastructure could/would change overnight if there was a breach or one bad apple! I can't imagine what the Feds are thinking.

Surely this is a job for a revered US Company, not even one from UK. Which begs the question, how many contracts are let to foreign nationals when the first criteria should be going to US companies and citizens? The only exception in my mind might be USAID contracts in foreign countries.

From what I have read there are plenty of vulnerabilities in our ports because not all shipments are inspected, etc. There are still many problems securing the ports and communications between law enforcement, fire, and mayors across the country.

Do something to abort this contract (and others). DO something to prevent such short-sighted decisions from happening, across the board.

Even with security clearances, I would not trust any individual or company. This is akin to the incompetent INS agents who let the terrorists into this country in the
first place, and allowed them to stay unchecked, and the continued laissez-faire
on student visas and immigrants.

Surely the US is the laughing stock, and it won't be funny when we get caught in yet another disaster, left saying coulda/shoulda...

Within days of Sept. 11th, I recall hearing about the forewarning telegram of air strikes, and was amazed that officials didn't/couldn't put the puzzle pieces together.

And, disillusioned that it took Congress another 6 months to figure out that there
was an egregious disconnect when it was so blatantly obvious to me. The faulty decision making does not instill confidence in our policies, elected officials or civil servants, who are charged with the good and welfare of US citizens.

How much more incompetence and double-speak are the American people going to have to endure, and at what cost? The Iraq war is a mistake and a sham, when are we going to stand up and impeach this president and usurp his power?


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