Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Coretta Scott King funeral photo op for next Commander - in - Chief (you know who!)

Call my pretzel-twisted - logic really twisted, if you get my meaning. Okay, try this:

***The West Wing (television show) will soon be no more (in first runs), and all we will have is Commander in Chief about the first woman prez. While the show's creator Rod Lurie never did get the brittle Joan Allen, ("The Contender") , if he could only mold Geena Davis more like Joan, ah, more like....Madame Clinton in the next season, the show would be a hit, and Hillary could hit the campaign trail running with Bubba-the-hubby close behind!

***SEE: ABC News runs this piece, "President Clinton No. 2", which no doubt should/will/ tie into "Commander in Chief's"PR

(((((((Oh, I love this crazy political-show biz world, don't you? I should be repping Madame President! Yes, I am deluded, but I do so love my lexapro!)))))))


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