Saturday, January 14, 2006

NewsWise: Don't Punish Tribes for Jack Abramoff -- [yes, they wanted government coverage, lobbyists on the hill -- but at what cost?]

Take a look at this piece from MSNBC - "Indian Tribes Hurt by Abramoff Scandal" - The Agua Caliente are openly speaking out about the hurt Jack caused them, to the tune of $10 Million Dollars, that I am sure Greenberg Traurig did partake in the billing -- NOTE: The spokesperson is the former rep for the Cabazon Mission Indians in the same region, Nancy Conrad. Any chance that I had to bridge casino indian dollars and federal funding together with an SBA HUBZone Military program were squashed like a bug--------- and where do (((my)))) tribal projects and good works for the res go from here?


Don’t Punish Tribes for Jack Abramoff
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Description: The Jack Abramoff scandal triggered a lot of questions about Indian gaming. But Kathryn Rand and Andrew Light say that Abramoff’s wrongdoing should not tarnish Indian gaming. The Casino Compromise, say Indians are the victims, not the perpetrators, of Abramoff’s fraud...(but are they victims....?)


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