Friday, January 27, 2006

HERE WE GO AGAIN: leave it to Ann Coulter - she sardonically calls for the death of a Chief Justice

CNN/AP: Poison Justice Stevens, Coulter jokes

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) -- Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, speaking at a traditionally black college, joked that Justice John Paul Stevens should be poisoned.

Coulter had told the Philander Smith College audience Thursday that more conservative justices were needed on the Supreme Court to change the current law on abortion.

Stevens is one of the court's most liberal members.

"We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," Coulter said. "That's just a joke, for you in the media."

Coulter has made a career of writing and lecturing on her strongly conservative views.

At one point during her address, which was part of a lecture series, some audience members booed when she cut off two questioners. "I'm not going to be lectured to," Coulter told one man in a raised voice.

She drew more boos when she said the crack cocaine problem "has pretty much gone away."

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Now, THINK! If this were a liberal (Harry Belafonte) calling for change (Bush OUT -- Bush a DEMOGAGUE! DHS is the new GESTAPO! Springtime for Rumsfeld!) what would the crazed 24 x 7 truth-shredding-soap-opera-reeking media-ever do?

Not this -- only americabloggers and "tin foil-hatters" do this, am I right?

That woman is mentally ill. Yet groups still have her as speaker.Anon 01.27.06 - 3:28 pm #

What kind of college brings her in as a speaker? And a black college, to boot???WTF were they thinking?lisa 01.27.06 - 3:28 pm # My mistake, her usual fee is 30k...bumpkis 01.27.06 - 3:29 pm #

Perhaps someone should ask the FBI about this death threat.I think threatening a Federal Judge is a crime. If they won't investigate, it might be nice to know why not.infraredman 01.27.06 - 3:29 pm #

900 lb Gorilla, Could you please hold off with the negativity until next Wednesday?mo2 01.27.06 - 3:30 pm #

She's just jealous of all the air time Pumpkinhead and Exeter are getting. "Me! Me! Look at me!! I'm a bigoted, crazy, scum-sucker too!"Diogenes 01.27.06 - 3:30 pm #

Can't help noticing that the CNN story characterized Coulter's comments as a "joke." Now, naturally Coulter will say this, but why should CNN? What, pray tell, about her comment was funny?Jason 01.27.06 - 3:30 pm #

The college campus here refused to admin Coulter to speak on the grounds that she is bigoted and racist....woot Wisconsin.DKarma Homepage 01.27.06
- 3:30 pm

The fact that she is a living, breathing human being demonstrates that not enough abortions have been performed.Anonymous 01.27.06
- 3:31 pm

S/he also posted the address and phone number of (forget her name now) an actress that wrote a critical blog about her. It was on Bradblog. Ann's retaliation was to expose this actress' personal residence and phone number on the internet. That poor gal was harrassed too. Ann is vindictive. She's mean. She's spiteful. She's all things hateful and evil. Shaking_the_Tree 01.27.06 - 3:32 pm #

I think the law is one of those "airplane" laws where a joke isn't a defense.I'd like to see her before a magistrate and explain how funny it is. Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. Section 115, anyone who "threatens to assault, kidnap, or murder . . . a United States judge . . . with intent to impede, intimidate, or interfere with" that judge's duties is guilty of a felony. Future Fed Homepage 01.27.06 - 3:32 pm #

From CNN article:"Coulter has made a career of writing and lecturing on her strongly conservative views."Uh, this BITCH does NOT represent conservative views. This SEXLESS THING is a SICK ------!! In fact, I can't remember a time in America where this ---- would be tolerated, oh,oh,oh wait, we're there right now:

If you consider yourself a true conservative, please email Ann here (this is HER personal email) along with CNN's staff and ask them if they think a suggestion of poisoning someone (yes, that means killing someone (you) Christian and violates your 10 Commandments) is a strong conservative view?

CNN/Cable News Network Vice President Kim Bondy
(404) 827-1500 - (404) 827-1099


and 44 members of CNN management-------[deleted]


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