Monday, November 14, 2005

Spin cycle, November 13, 2005 version

Now the White House is lying about lying ---[everything but the TRUTH]
from our pal's at amerikablog 11/13/2005

Not that we could ever expect the truth from the Bush White House, but their

newest p.r. effort is to lie

about the initial lies about Iraq:

While admitting "we were wrong" about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, President Bush's national security adviser on Sunday rejected assertions that the president manipulated intelligence and misled the American people.

Bush relied on the collective judgment of the intelligence community when he determined that Iraq's Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, national security adviser Stephen Hadley said.

"Turns out, we were wrong," Hadley told "Late Edition" on CNN. "But I think the point that needs to be emphasized ... allegations now that the president somehow manipulated intelligence, somehow misled the American people, are flat wrong."

They really do take us all for fools. It's one reason why most Americans don't trust Bush anymore. Yup. That's true. Only 37% of us do.


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