Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How the Bush campaign is covered - The P.R (news media) game: let 'em eat pound cake

Think STRATEGO: ~"The media keeps noting that Bush is in campaign mode as he tries to defend his pathetic record. Only thing, we're not in a campaign, we're in a war and our soldiers are dying. Can the media tell the difference? Or will they start covering this like it is some kind of political game?

"Start covering this like it's a game? Start?!?!?! The media covered Gore vs Bush like a high school popularity contest; ditto for Kerry vs. Bush. They need to stop covering this like it's a political game.

"The media are essentially non-political PR people with good hair and nice teeth, who make huge amounts of money, live in a private world with private schools, clubs and golf courses. There is NO public service sense for most of them. For them, it IS just one big game and gig.

"It reminds me of France, just before the revolution. Bush is the King and the media are his court and they are totally, totally clueless. Let them eat cake. Let them evacuate themselves from New Orleans and rebuild the city on their own. Kids dying in Iraq? Who cares? Not their kind of people. Not their kind of kids.

((( Bloggers write me: Thanks God for the Internet. It's the only place where I find sanity in terms of news. )))


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