Tuesday, October 25, 2005

We can build them up, and damn, we can take them DOWN!

FROM THE COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW: For your reading pleasure: How Did Judy Miller Become an Overnight Pariah?

Bob Bennett, Judy Miller's lawyer, is asking in seeming bewilderment why the staff of the New York Times seems to have turned on Miller, yesterday's First Amendment heroine.

Let's see if we can help.http://www.cjrdaily.org/archives...ives/
  • We build the journos up, we take em down and one (Matt Cooper) decided to do stand-up!
  • Al (I love O'Reilly!) Franken half-kidding wants to see Rove and Cheney hung for treason, or sent to the firing squad -- executed, like they did in the old days (after all, it is the law!)
  • Bush is in the PR-SPIN Zone-- he has to be -- trouble in the BIG HOUSE!

americablog sez: Watch the WH "change the subject" PR blitz --by Joe in DC

The White House spin team is going to be in over drive this week as they face a trifecta of very bad news: (Washington Post)

Rarely has a president confronted as many damaging developments that could all come to a head in this week.

  • A special counsel appears poised to indict one or more administration officials within days.
  • Pressure is building on Bush from within his own party to withdraw the faltering Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers.
  • Any day the death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq will pass the symbolically important 2,000 mark.

Team Bush is going on a public relations offensive this week to distract us. They are going to change the subject:

To deal with what they consider the darkest days of the Bush presidency, White House advisers have developed a twofold strategy -- confront head-on problems such as the Iraq death toll, while shifting attention to other areas such as conservative economic policies, according to a senior White House official, who spoke about internal deliberations only under the condition of anonymity.

FACT: Bush advisers are taking clues from the playbooks of former presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, both of whom weathered second-term scandals.The White House strategy will unfold over the next several days, starting with yesterday's announcement of a new Federal Reserve Board chairman and continuing today with a presidential speech on Iraq at Bolling Air Force Base. Anticipating a barrage of criticism when the death toll hits 2,000, Bush will try to put the sacrifice in perspective by portraying the Iraq war as the best way to keep terrorists from striking the United States again, the official said. He will make the same case in another speech Friday in Norfolk.

AMERICABlog's opinion: Okay, Bush is going to give a speech to explain Iraq....again. That's worked so well in the past. And, call me crazy, but I just think it might be really hard to spin away the indictments of top aides who were willing to smear undercover spies during the time of war. Not that they won't try. We just won't let them.


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