Friday, October 14, 2005

NOTE to the media: what is so bad about Mr. Bush having a DoD Media Coach?

Obviously President Bush felt that he needed a hand here. Yes, our soldiers can speak for themselves, of course they can! But a good impression is best, no matter the circumstances. And Mr. Bush wanted to make sure that his able men and women were "on message". This is why we all depend on PR. It's never been quite so magnified before, has it?

You know, this is just as much an entertainment WHO as the Clinton Adminsitration was., if not more. So what is the big deal? Leave the Pentagon alone. The Deputy Secretary of Defense was doing her job for the Commander in Chief, period.

NPR - Take One: Pres. Bush via Satellite (audio)

AP- Bush Video Teleconference With Soldiers Staged - Oct 13 11:14 PM US/Eastern

By DEB RIECHMANN - Associated Press Writer - WASHINGTON

It was billed as a conversation with U.S. troops, but the questions President Bush asked on a teleconference call Thursday were choreographed to match his goals for the war in Iraq and Saturday's vote on a new Iraqi constitution.

"This is an important time," Allison Barber, deputy assistant defense secretary, said, coaching the soldiers before Bush arrived. "The president is looking forward to having just a conversation with you."

Barber said the president was interested in three topics: the overall security situation in Iraq, security preparations for the weekend vote and efforts to train Iraqi troops.

More about media coaching: :-)



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