Monday, September 12, 2005

Newsweek: How Bush Blew It - and how the "MIGHTY right" cannot retort [SPIN] anymore-- no matter how many radio stations they syndicate on----

[---word up to Karl Rove and his homies -- there is no more SPIN -- it's over. Pack it in. Go back to Texas. I agree with Barack Obama (D-Il.), Mr. Rove, that you are so marvelous at PR, and at the messages the president gives to the American people, but words are now falling flat. It is the nation's governing that Mr. Bush is supposed to do--and his grade is a big FAT F.]

How Bush Blew It
Bureaucratic timidity. Bad phone lines. And a failure of imagination. Why the government was so slow to respond to catastrophe.

By Evan Thomas
Sept. 19, 2005 issue - It's a standing joke among the president's top aides: who gets to deliver the bad news? Warm and hearty in public, Bush can be cold and snappish in private, and aides sometimes cringe before the displeasure of the president of the United States, or, as he is known in West Wing jargon, POTUS. The bad news on this early morning, Tuesday, Aug. 30, some 24 hours after Hurricane Katrina had ripped through New Orleans, was that the president would have to cut short his five-week vacation by a couple of days and return to Washington. The president's chief of staff, Andrew Card; his deputy chief of staff, Joe Hagin; his counselor, Dan Bartlett, and his spokesman, Scott McClellan, held a conference call to discuss the question of the president's early return and the delicate task of telling him. Hagin, it was decided, as senior aide on the ground, would do the deed...[more]
{{{Karl Rove was in Greece attending a wedding according to...}}}


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