Wednesday, September 14, 2005

NEWS FLASH - DC Radio & TV sez trends are settling in - or, What's My BLOG?

---from Finally: R&F Debut On XM - 9/12 - Former WJFKers Ron and Fez (right) debuted on "XM Big Ass 202" (the High Voltage hot talk channel) today, 9/12, live from 11 AM to 2 PM. With a replay at midnight. Catch the promo at More at[ah, new-to-xm, latest trend with micro-mini- ipod, my xm receiver -which has the best show tunes on the airwaves! btw - the lady on the right is yours truly - not Ron or Fez! Heavens, no!]

Fox Yanks Cal Thomas - 9/12 - Fox News Channel cancels "After Hours," the Saturday night show hosted by DC-based righty Cal Thomas. Details from TVNewser.....[well, he had a good run -- three years - plus, I think-- sounds like a trend -- right going moderate - stay tuned]

Gannett Sells Time On Talk Show - 9/12 - News Blues tells us that Gannett's Atlanta TV station is launching a late morning talk show, "Atlanta And Company," which will charge guests up to $2,500 for five minute appearances. They hope to book six paid segments per hour. It's got to be just a matter of time before we see the same thing at Tysons Corner-based Gannett's DC station, Channel 9/WUSA.....[I knew this was coming! Quick- call you clients, Abbe! Get on the cell - now! - trend will come here, no doubt!]

Andrea Loves To Shop at SAX! - 9/12 - The DC Examiner - page 12 of its 9/12 edition - interviews NBC superstar Andrea Mitchell. The DCer reveals that her favorite places to shop are Saks and Neiman Marcus.....[Sorry, no highlights, no facework and no SAX for me. I am matronly and I like my Nordsroms!]


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Tallulah Bankhead said...

Darling Abbe Buck of high visibility, do you really care that no one on earth reads these ramblings but you? Dear silly woman, go shopping. Leave the real, incendiary words to your real writers. The dead writers.

Love and Hisses,