Saturday, July 09, 2005

Why? Why? Why? Inquiring bloggers want to know--

--before they are "SILENCED BY THE WHITE HOUSE"*** backgrounder LA TIMES - Two years into CIA Leak no probe, no charges *** DAY 6 WH Press Corp Silent on Rove ***

The following is courtesy of John A's AmericaBlog. Yes, Jeff Gannon asked a question devoid of acceptance, and poof! Banished. Exposed. Helen Thomas? Relegated to the back of the room for digging too deep, after 40 years, they so want to put her out to pasture! The woman can still do her job, let her do it. Get Scottie McLellan,White House Press Secretary mad and it is silence, which is deafening. Reporter and WHO alike are playing at national news like a it's a soap opera, yes, a lot like the Lewinsky show:

The W/H press corps are a bunch of spineless wimps. They are too afraid to confront or ask the tough questions. I guess they saw Helen Thomas being sent to the back of the room, like a little kid, for being brave enough to ask questions the white house does not want to hear.The press corps are doing the nation a disservice, because they are the only ones who have access to the white house liars.

Laura Bee 07.08.05 - 3:48 pm #

And now the reply from the White House Press Corps:Buc-buc-buc bu'CAW!Buc-buc-buc bu'CAW!Buc-buc-buc bu'CAW!!! [a chicken]

Robert 07.08.05 - 3:58 pm #

If the press asks too many tough questions, they lose access. If they lose access, they lose their jobs. Simple.

Ben 07.08.05 - 4:02 pm #

Yes, Ben is right. The purpose of media is profit, not information. If a "reporter" is critical of the admin, then they don't get the juicy scoops in this age of instant news coverage, where getting the story out first is soooooo important. That, and lets not forget their corporate masters. And the pay cheques courtesy of the American tax payer to write Bush friendly stories.

Antares 07.08.05 - 4:05 pm #

The question: Are they that afraid of Karl? The short answer: Yes.

The MSM WH press corps lives to be called upon. Any hint of a disagreeable question and they'll lose their plum seat assignment and risk never being called on again. Remember the deep-sixing of Gannongate.Vanity, thy name is MSM WH press corps.

Kevin 07.08.05 - 4:11 pm #

I agree that anybody who speaks up about this is going to lose access, and there's no nice way to ask, "How does the President feel about the fact that a reporter is locked in a maximum security prison for shielding one of your weasel underlings?"

Frank Probst 07.08.05 - 4:28 pm #

the american press is a disgrace and have become, in general, at best a pack of patsies and at worst the kinds of traitors that threaten the very heart of our democracy.sure there are exceptions, but with so many fools sucking at mammon's breast to what sort of future do we have to look forward?jobs or no jobs, we all have choices in our lives and when members of the press choose to comply with authority out of fear rather than stand on principle we act in a morally inresponsible and unredeemable manner. and when members of the press actively conspire against the people of this country it is time for them to be punished's high time the left re-inject concepts like morality, duty, and obligation into their discourse and threaten retaliation for those who fail us and fail our loved ones, our communities, and our country.

Nuremburg 07.08.05 - 4:33 pm #

How to fix it? Non-profit press.

Antares 07.08.05 - 4:36 pm #

Q: Scott, what is the White House response to current reports that Presidential Advisor Karl Rove is the source for the leak of CIA Agent Valerie Plame to the press?

McClellan: Of course we stand behind Karl Rove and know that he is innocent of these charges. Karl has been a great help to the President. wall.Asking McClellan to comment before there's an indictment is just like asking to waste more time.

carla Homepage 07.08.05 - 4:49 pm #

Mainstream media handles Bush & Co. like they're fine China that might chip if they're bumped.Meanwhile, this gang of hoodlums are free to wreck havoc on the world and the Fourth Estate looks on adoringly.Go figure?. . .

Christopher Homepage 07.08.05 - 4:57 pm #

That's why many Cons(ervatives) want the blogs and bloggers regulated and controlled; we represent a threat to them.. . .

Christopher Homepage 07.08.05 - 4:58 pm #

Our press is owned by corporations and big business profits from this administration. It is always about money.

Louis H 07.08.05 - 5:00 pm #


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