Friday, July 15, 2005

J'Accuse? Hell, yes! But this just about sums up all that matters of la Plame affaire

From TPM [Talking Points Memo by Joshua Micah Marshall]: yes it's liberal to the Republicans, but who gives a fat damn. That's irrelevant. The point below is clear, and it is true.

Furthermore, There is no President (Bush) willing to step up to the plate and do what he did with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld: "He said he would resign, and I have found no good reason to accept the resignation." And so, it looks like Bush is hiding something TO MANY, MANY PEOPLE in these United States.

No presidential advisor should ever disclose the identity of a covert agent at the CIA. That doesn't require elaboration.

If it's done knowingly, it's a felony. Joe Wilson could be the biggest hack in the world. Plame could have cooked the whole trip idea up to damage the president -- as some GOP loopsters are now claiming -- and it wouldn't matter.

Rove (and, though we're not supposed to say it yet, several of his colleagues) did something obviously wrong and reckless. And they probably broke several laws by the time it was all done.

Pretty much every Republican in Washington today works for Karl Rove. So they can't deal with that fact. But fact it is.


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