Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I love the 1970's - and Frank Rich was there

The War in Iraq,2003-05 = Vietnam,1970
Karl Rove + Valerie Plame 2003-05 = Watergate,1972

has the following POV - He was there, too. Expert Witness.

"...The Niger uranium was hardly the only dubious evidence testifying to Saddam's supposed nuclear threat in the run-up to war. Judy Miller herself was one of two reporters responsible for a notoriously credulous front-page Times story about aluminum tubes that enabled the administration's propaganda campaign to trump up Saddam's W.M.D. arsenal. But red-hot uranium was sexy, and it was Mr. Wilson's flat refutation of it that drove administration officials to seek their revenge: they told the columnist Robert Novak that Mr. Wilson had secured his (nonpaying) African mission through the nepotistic intervention of his wife, a covert C.I.A. officer whom they outed by name. The pettiness of this retribution shows just how successfully Mr. Wilson hit the administration's jugular: his revelation threatened the legitimacy of the war on which both the president's reputation and re-election campaign had been staked. ..."


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Karen Miller said...


will he go before a grand jury?

will Karl Rove be fired?

will the press keep a backbone?

did Rove do anything wrong or knowingly “out” anyone anyway? was this cia agent outed a “woman in danger”

is this worse than watergate?

what will happen? what will happen?