Monday, July 04, 2005

Fireworks in Washington! The Fourth of July News Edition

Fireworks! Wants gossip-as-news? see: 24 x 7. And if Matt Drudge can report that Robert Redford is urguing journalists to take on Mr. Bush today, the the worlds of politics and show business collide once again.

[I am taking some time off - for a couple of hours -- LOL! ---But who reads this DAMN WEB LOG anyway? Besides a rerun of The Rockford Files is on WGN, Chicago - and that is lobotomizing entertainment, like the crosswords... Have a wonderful Birthday, America! At least we have the FREEDOM to speak our minds, watch old TV shows that were original, VOTE right or wrong, barbeque, take a day off, hang our flags, get good jobs, pay our bills, buy our own homes, get an education, become who and what we want. Is it always done right? No. Is it always fair? No. Is there sleaze? yes. Are we freer than ever? Yes, indeed. Even with a Patriot Act. Even with a Downing Street Memo. Even with an Iraq War. Even with a 9-11. To look at both sides as objectively as possible in a confused world (almost as confusing as the Watergate era) is far from easy. If you were young during the Nixon Presidency, no doubt you are even more conflicted now, understandably like Mr. Redford is.]

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.! Please support our soldiers today and always.


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