Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fireworks Blogging, Part 2, 4th of July weekend, Huffington-style

O'Donnell says "Yes, I said Karl Rove blew CIA agent Valerie Plame's cover" as Posted on Huffington Post (sic) Blog: HighVizPR + Promotion = the new journalism. Politics = Show Biz! Post: West Wing scriptwriter getting "real" on the McLauglin Report - Please stand By, Karl Rove! It's showtime!

Abbe Buck, publicist writes: Could this be the end of Karl Rove as we have gotten to know and love/admire him? On September 29, 2003, Scott McLellan announced that the White house would not tolerate leaks of any kind -- this was directly in reference to the Valerie Plame affair. I wonder what his update will be, as this may be proven as F A C T. ---Abbe B. Posted by Abbe Buck, Publicist at July 2, 2005 05:37 PM


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What is your problem, mate? Are you for or against?