Thursday, July 14, 2005

Does "Jeff Gannon" have a replacement in the White House "gaggle"?

----is his name Goyim? (sic) Oy gevalt! Veys mere! Does Scottie ("beam me up, g___damnit!") McLellan need a new distraction? I reckon the good Rev. Les Kinsolving simply does not cut it.

Okay Scottie, bring Jeff back. All is forgiven. Even John A. at AmericaBlog may embrace him if he only dished the dirt on Kar----- [did I say that? No! I did not! Jeff, I know you know a lot about Joe Wilson --]

Courtesy of Garrett Graff :-) at Fishbowl DC


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Sparkle Pony said...

Jeff Gannon is GAY. Why are you a fan?