Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tom Cruise makes it to Capitol Hill - criticism abounds over the movie star playing shrink off-camera

So, could this "Paging Dr. Cruise" be method acting? You know, I have been web-logging many words bordering on imbeciilic (sp) about Tom Cruise for days, weeks just trying to analyze the trend with the rest of the media wolfpack - what a case study phenom! Now he has crossed into my favorite PR territory - how politics is the new show business, 24 x 7 -- Yes, he is now in THE HILL, one of the most widely read weeklies on Capitol Hill. Cruise, eclipsing his lovesick puppydog hijinks on Oprah Winfrey's, having a heated one on one about the perils of drugs like ritalin with Matt ("Today") Lauer, the man is in every kind of media, because he is selling the media, while re-selling THE NEW TOM CRUISE. Who can say where he will turn up next?

REF: The Hill: Cruise and lawmakers battle in a war of the words on mental health

REF: HighVizPR to HighViz-ability = getting good PR, dealing with bad PR: a case study approach


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