Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Rev. Al and Rush Limbaugh? Is this strange or just a truly great *REINFORCEMENT* of "HighViz"-ability?

Michael Savage, you are a very silly goose not to team up with the INFAMOUS JEFF GANNON!

---and Rushbo-Limbaugh is a hell of a lot smarter to have his handlers than those of tom cruise-control, who simply will not act his own age (42).

---from The NY Daily News- mr. lloyd grove's scoop:

Can Rev. Al be Limbaugh's air apparent?

Could there be any odder couple than Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton?

Not if I have anything to do with it.

Last week - after Matrix Media announced a deal for Sharpton to host a "Limbaugh of the Left"-type talk radio show - the conservative radio star said he'll think about mentoring the minister in the finer points of the medium.

Yesterday, Sharpton contacted me to say he's eager to accept the sort-of offer to (as Limbaugh put it on his own show Friday) "let [Sharpton] guest-host the program for, like, 30 minutes at a time while I am sitting here critiquing him."

Sharpton told me: "I was a little surprised, but I'm willing to take him up on his speculative offer. I think it would be interesting. It would be something that both of us can learn from. He can learn some of the thoughts of the left, and I can learn some of the techniques of the right. Let's see if he's serious."

Yesterday Limbaugh's producer, Kit Carson, assured me that he's in earnest.

"At this point, Rush is still undecided," Carson said. "He's very flattered that Rev. Sharpton is interested in doing this. Rush is still considering giving him some pointers, some tutoring.

"Rush also believes that Rev. Sharpton has the best shot of anyone to be the Limbaugh of the Left. He is also very impressed that he has the humility to admit he has something to learn. ... So we'll see."

Grove sez: For my part, I will do anything I can to make it happen.

--and a note to Jeff Gannon, who simply will not -- cannot quit -- let's try to get you a new team partner again. After all, you passed that polygraph with flying colors! see:


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