Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Is Sean Penn up to this task? Should journos be taking notes on Penn's style? Will he play himself in the movie version?

E & P: "I am a working journalist.". Camera of Sean Penn, Journalist, Confiscated in Iran

AP: Sean Penn creates stir on Iran assignment. As the lines further mesh between news and entertainment, many have to wonder, will this have a political impact on the well-being of US citizens? Why bother at this point?

Why indeed. It is apparent that this is not just for Penn's marquee value anymore.
He has earned his byline.

Given a press credential by Chronicle Executive Editor Phil Bronstein, Penn visited neighboring Iraq in late November 2003, shortly before Saddam Hussein was captured. He wrote a series of stories for the newspaper.

--wait, there's more!

SF Chronicle Readers react to Sean Penn's articles from last year

BuzzMachine lamented that Penn needs an editor -- [but hell, I do in spades!] - Both sides now: Stars take on new role as journalists ... Ever since Sean Penn wrote a series of articles on Iraq for the San Francisco Chronicle, which ran ... Celebrity bylines have long had a niche readership...

We will not even go down the road of the right-wing NEO-CON world of Hannity - not today.


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