Saturday, June 04, 2005

Gannon newz of the day - he is his own PR machine - and the gay-lib-blogs have even more to say

EDITORIAL: from a conversation from HVCG, the Jaguar x, Sat. AM outside of 7-11, while on my cell phone (damn this T-mobile!) text-blogging:

"Yes,I have been acting as a Gannon "adviser" and okay, cheerleader-----uhuhuh, explaining that if he shuts up he will have a good selling price on the book -- where is the treatment? -- also telling Jeff that 'you do not focus on Jeff Gannon, the brand, let others focus on your visibility, ala Paris Hil-------and yes, as he gets more and more visibility, the HighViz PR camp wants to put him on retainer. No, (I have done no booking), but I am being pushed because he is EVERYWHERE -EVERYDAY --and I communicate often--as he flits from HBO to a small two- watt talk radio station in Peoria, to PAX TV, to CBC Canada and now on to the great liberal bastion, PBS no less. And this is good. He will book himself on Kelly and Regis, thank you very much! And the best gay blog on the planet, AMERICABlog is not amused and this may be a good thing for the Gannon Brand cause the more they rant, the more credible Jeff gets. "I just want a job, I just want to write, I just want to go back to the White House." It's been almost six months now. Voila! Spin it up. I gotta go."


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