Friday, May 06, 2005

Who's book will come out first? -[Should I become a contributor to Gannon-fodder?]

Yes, Jeff Gannon has an extensive profile in June's Vanity Fair. Here's the enitire story, a pretty good read actually -- how bloggers like moi are keeping this story up and running, why MSM dare not touch, why Hannity is downplaying this 'credible journalist' and how Mr. Gannon will write his tell-all:

Jeff Gannon, the complete story ( from June Vanity Fair):

Okay, now here's Propagannon: [ aha! --just like PROPAGANDA! ]

Welcome to To access the full investigative features of the site you must be a registered member who has also been through our "vetting" process. Thank you.

The Latest Press Release from the Propagannon Project
We Need Your Help with our First Publication
Filing Date:Wed, 04/27/2005 - 10:00pm
press contact:Brian Keeler
press contact email:

Press Release:
ePluribus Media [Daily Kos] is preparing a manuscript for a book about the Gannon investigation and will be the first book published by the organization. This, like most everything else with ePluribus Media, will be a community effort. The book will have no listed author, only editors and contributors.

The “theme” of the book is a comprehensive timeline — a “daybook,” if you will, that details every known important fact about Gannon/Guckert, when it happened and/or when it was discovered in a terse, “Dear Diary” style reminiscent of an old Western Union telegram. That means using as few words as possible to describe what happened and when. Discovery dates and actual event dates are useful.

We need your help. We have already developed much of the material. We need more. We’d like you to contribute entries. And we will want to credit you in the book, so we want your ePluribus Media/DailyKos screen name or your real name plus email address (only so we can verify).

Thank you in advance for your contributions. We hope to complete the manuscript for the book over the next 14 days, so the clock is running.

To learn more or to submit entries, please visit

The page and form were prepared and hosted by Bionic of ePluribus Media. Any information submitted will be used only by ePluribus Media.

Many thanks,
Brian Keeler (NYBri)

e Gannon Day Book Project This is a form we have created to gather the important Gannon dates into a database. We will be publishing a book based upon this information.
We'd like to include you as one of the contributors. You have the option to be credited with your ePluribus Media or dKos username or we'll use your real name if you wish.
You also have the option to remain behind the scenes. [Hmmmmmmmm....intriguing....should I?.......]

The Book Team
Aaron Barlow Steve Webster Frederick Clarkson Nicola Andrews Todd Johnston

ePM Gannon Day Book entries____________________________________


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