Sunday, May 22, 2005

Warren Beatty's opine on Arnold Schwartzenegger, and how he would do a better job as Gov of California if he could only decide to run...

[ Translation: Meshugenah is from the Jewish - Yiddish idiom meaning crazy. Whacko. Nutz. Often used by and referred to Mel Brooks. :-) ]

Reuters: Why Warren Beatty will not run for Gov:

Associated Press: Warren Beatty won't rule out running for Gov:

Let's all click on to see if Warren or pshyc--ic sis Shirley MacLaine had anything further to say...


Beatty Kicks Up Political Dust at Cal
San Francisco Chronicle Carla Marinucci READ STORY permalink

Academy Award-winning actor-director Warren Beatty delivered a devastating critique of Arnold Schwarzenegger at a UC Berkeley commencement Saturday, and refused to rule out a Democratic run for governor -- saying that he would "think about it" if Schwarzenegger continues to endorse "a totally unnecessary special election."

"I don't think it's smart to rule anything out in life,'' Beatty, 68, told reporters following a commencement address to the UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy.

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