Monday, May 23, 2005

Jeff Gannon and Michael Savage make the same commentary- yes, liberals are [divorced] from reality(TM) -- now look at the world around us!


This cover of Newsweek is from the February 2nd Japanese edition. Jeff Gannon was very thoughtful when he placed this on his web log. This, he stated, is what the world has been thinking about us for quite a while. Michael Savage said the very same thing on his radio show this evening.

So the debate rages on --- it's "Yanquee go home!" as usual. As the Bush Administration tries valiantly to create a cozy informercial TELLING US that we must sludge day in and day out fighting the good fight, the bloggers and liberal nut jobs are finding new and creative ways to show that the current White House has caused the current media fracas and world dissention.

Now whose tail is wagging what dog?

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