Friday, May 27, 2005

<--Short Cuts: Recycled News, Courtesy of Matt Drudge -->

Opinion: LA Times says dump Bill Frist -- why not? He is incompetent--So true? So new? To the left coast he is!,0,5456765.story

USA Today Poll: Did you know that 33% of American CONSERVATIVES want Hilary in 2008 - [What fresh HELL--SPIN-- is this?]

Beleaguered and 'Hammered', Tom DeLay seems to want to sue Dick Wolf's franchise and Law and Order - Criminal Intent for use of his good name on a tee shirt again -- he just can't shake that his name being synonimous with coke and fritos, can he? [NBC News Honcho Jeff Zucker could give a good d--damn!]


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