Thursday, April 21, 2005

STORY UPDATE: DNA coming from Gannon * Death of Hunter S. Thompson - just another conspiracy? and what does Jeff Gannon-Gosch! have to do with it?

u p d a t e : Jeff Gannon appeared on "THE BO DIETL SHOW" on MSNBC last Friday, April 22nd. He will submit to Bo----submit to a DNA test to prove that he is NOT JohnnyGosch!

Watch Gannon and Bo now --

Grassy Knoll in Iowa? Oh, please. But I miss reading Gonzo. A lot.

Another look at Hunter Thompson's death
By Jerry Mazza---Online Journal Contributing Writer

April 21, 2005—The recent slam of articles on Hunter Thompson's death has brought new information and a new question as to its cause. One article by Tim Schmitt, "Death of a Conspiracy—Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Hunter Thompson and the unraveling of a troubling tale," is truly troubling. It comes from an alternative paper called Pointblank, no less, in Des Moines, Iowa, whose doors were shut and Schmitt fired the day after publication.


[Question: Who will write the screenplay? Johnny Depp to shave his head?]

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