Friday, April 29, 2005

Matt Drudge grows up

Brian Lamb interviewed Matt Drudge on C-Span this morning. His yearly interview preceding the White House Correspondents Associations Dinner this Saturday night (April 30th). Not bad. Matt likes Mike Allen at WP..AP NEWS ALERTS RULE. He gave his WI-FI predictions, and blog predictions. He talked about the news and way to get and "gather" information is rapidly changing - he updates his news in three seconds flat from a taxicab! He has evolved in ten years. And he is right about WI-FI. It is more than just your laptop in Starbucks -- high speed faster is much than phones on verizon city-wide -- wow! Yes, I do like Matt Druge. He has grown on me over the years, like my marriage to Mr. Happy. Plus his look is good, too. Black suit, light, silk tie. I liked it.Oh, before I forget --- he does not like Drudge Report to be called "a blog", to see that he should be called a blog is being called "non-marginal" and that it is dismissive. Information that is provided on the internet should not be dismissive -- not at all!]

You know, those DAMN Bloggers are competing with Main Stream Media for the NEWS! And it is fun -- bloggers dig for the truth and MSM check the facts to see that the digging is compleat.

Don't forget is Matt's Dad's website



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