Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hedda Hopper, Role Model - Ann Coulter needs to take lessons from a acerbic right-wing class act from long, long ago

When Dinah-Saurs ruled the earth, New York, Hollywood, London, Paris, the Ille De France, the Super Chief, we had Hedda Hopper and her array of many hats.

The cover to the is from July 28, 1947. I understand that Hedda was completely charmed by it -- she had her telephone, typewriter and microphone all there, right on her chapeau. Women wore hats then. Real hats by Balmain and Mainbocher. But Hedda was known as "Hedda the Hat". Feathers. Flowers. Stuffed everything! She had hundreds and hundreds of hats.

Funny, Hedda wasn't looked upon as a journalist - she was known as a gossip columnist, a hollywood gossip columnist, in the Hollywood Golden age of tradition and was damn proud of it!

I am a trivia nut. Much like gay blade Matt Drudge idolizes Walter "let's go to press!" Winchell, I absolutely adore Hedda Hopper. Hedda ruled hollywood with a tightly manicured fist in an ultrasuede glove. She was conservative who believed in "The American Way" (sound familiar?) Anything else was "RED". She dished news, gossip, politics, and kept stars and those in office in their place. If there was a black list, she knew what and who was on it. Was it fair? No. Was she always right? Hell, no. But when Dinah-saurs ruled the earth, we had decorum, respect, civility, and were damn grateful to be on the cover of TIME MAGAZINE! Ann Coulter just wants controversy for controversy's sake. That is so wrong, 6,000 words or not. She could take many a lesson from the right-wing doyenne of yesteryear. It reminds me of how Lauren Bacall refused to say that Nicole Kidman is a also legend. No, Bacall said that Kidman is an actor who has many miles to go. Period.

Hedda, dear, we need a real journalist now to take the reins, so REINCARNATE! If just to teach little Ann Coulter how to really do her job.


NOTE: Yours truly made the CJR (Columbia Journalism Review) regarding Ann Coulter's cover of Time - this was before Ann trashed the photographer(!)

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