Sunday, April 24, 2005

Gary Trudeaux figures it all out for anybody still concerned as to why "Jeff Gannon, reporting" got all that INK

WATCH Roland complain to a real MSM* JOURNALIST (or is that Scott McLelland -!!!) about the lack of exposure and being "outed"!

SEE Just why JeffGannonJamesDalesGuckertJohnnyGosch!? got all the media attention (read "all that ink")

LEARN about who gets HighViz PR (high-viz-ability) and who 'gets it'.

Only in Doonesbury:

* it means Main Stream Media

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Matilda Clooney said...

Please read this from Raw Story.

This man needs to be further investigated. The man from BLOGActive may be right.

Matilda Clooney