Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Comic Relief - but he takes it all so seriously!

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Well, it didn't hurt Howard Dean, did it? Digby nails the PR advice that I gave to Gannon just last night, from the glorious Beltway + 66 --- Kilroy2005

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Digby: For those who didn't see the NPC blogging, ass-fucking and journalism panel this morning, the great Crooks and Liars has the highlights for you right here. Gannon has quite the schtick going for him. I don't know if it's a natural gift or if he has had help, [hint-hint], but he handled it all quite deftly, I thought. He makes absolutely no sense, wanders off into unrelated subjects, claims victimhood at every turn, avoids questions like a pro and appears to me to be incredibly stupid, arrogant and deluded all at the same time. A clown that nobody in their right mind could take seriously. In others words, meet the next GOP nominee for President of the United States. I spent years right on this old blog screeching about George W. Bush being just as I described, assuming that any sentient person could see that he makes no sense, that he speaks in riddles that he is coached (badly) and that he has absolutely no idea that he is an idiot. It took me a long time realize that that is exactly what a lot of people like about him. He doesn't need to make sense as long as he claims to represent the "real" people who are predisposed to support him against the pointy headed know-it-alls who lord over them. I have little doubt that they think Gannon really kicked ass. "And why shouldn't the president have one person who will tell his side of the story? Fox is fair and balanced, they have to tell all sides. It's not right that president Bush has to spend tax payer money just to get his story told. I'm so sick of this liberal media." "You know he was a marine don't you, Ethel?" "I heard that. He looks like one too." I think Gannon's assertion that FOXNews is not conservative was his "Christ, he changed mah heart moment." I expect that he's on his way to a comeback. The right takes care of its own, even if they sell out the country to the Russian mob or advertise their prositution services with pictures of themselves pissing on the internet. It's all good. Matt Yglesias was just great and I especially enjoyed his incredulous amusement at Gannon's nonsense. [He made a great straight man! I said to Gannon, "you could be the next Tony Randall"] It is always difficult to argue with aliens from other planets, but I thought that Matt did it very well. It remains important that as we go into this bizarre new era of elastic truth and contrived alternate storylines that normal, intelligent people continue to operate within the bounds of verifiable reality. Somebody's got to keep score. And Wonkette was a big surprise. She was unrelenting with old JG and she came the closest to rattling his bizarre robotic composure. Maybe it takes an aggressive, unflappable female with a sense of humor to get to wierd gay Republicans like Guckert. I saw a little bitchy sneer on his face come forth as she was questioning him and it would have been interesting if she'd been allowed to continue. Unfortunately, all the timorous and delicate old ladies of the DC press club were willing to host a panel featuring a real mediawhore, [on line!] but they weren't willing to let the discussion go where it would naturally lead. I'm not saying that they needed to spend the hour addressing the fact that Guckert has his pictures plastered all over the internet illegally selling his body for money, but it is such an amazing turn around from just a few years ago when the DC press corp had no compunctions whatsoever about spending month after month speculating about the sex lives of the president, first lady and Monica Lewisnky (plus all of her former lovers) without a minute spared as to whether the details were relevant to any particular public discussion. And to the best of my knowledge, there weren't even any naked pictures. It's very nice that they have now decided that these private matters are off limits when it comes to male prostitutes in the white house press corps with connections to Republican operatives and born again Christians who believe that sexual morals should be policed by the federal government. It will be interesting to see if they hold to this new regard for personal privacy when the next GOP pimped sex scandal pops up. In the end, these panels about "what constitutes journalism" will probably become perennial just as the "why can't we stop ourselves from only covering the horserace" panels that crop up after every election. The internet is changing all of it and nobody knows where it's going. All the talking in the world isn't going to make a lick of difference. Everybody's just along for the ride --- bloggers, journalists and Republican male hookers alike. .digby


Jeff Gannon says he was threatened by Rogers. As I was boarding an elevator to exit the building, this same person made a dash for me with unknown intent...If you saw this person's behavior, you would realize that the threats against my person, property and family have not been exaggerated. [Now, he really believes this --LAWSUIT! LAWSUIT!]

But here's another side of the story: Mike Rogers at blogActive tried to get Gannon to answer some questions after the meeting and responds to the charges by Gannon: I joined Gannon on the elevator heading to the lobby. Gannon raised his fists at me as if to threaten me (some people will do anything to stop a story, huh?) and attempted to intimidate me off of the elevator. read on

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