Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bunny, blogged

1) "Bunny" Greenhouse is known by the Contracting folks in the other districts as being tough but fair. Realize, any Contracting Officer in any Corps District that plays by the book is looked upon as a thorn in the side of the Project Managers, upper Mgt, etc...because she makes them follow regulations. She won't let them do what they want or makes them do something they don't want. Bunny is very good at backing her people.

2) Bunny initially tried to be a "good soldier" and do the "right thing" by taking this all through the chain of command. However, as others of us have discovered, if the chain of command feels threatened they will close ranks against you using their favorite weapon, the poor performance evaluation. They kept trying to destroy her career until she finally had to go public. She is exactly the person that folks should believe.

3) The Corps folks serving in Iraq knew that something was going wrong with KBR. I understand that it was a topic of discussion on many an email. Not surprisingly, last year the government seized many of their hard drives.

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