Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bunnatine Greenhouse will be back in the news

Who is Bunny Greenhouse?


Summary (from Guerilla News Network: left-wing, yes. Correct, yes, too):
Halliburton subsidiary KBR got $12 billion worth of exclusive contracts for work in Iraq. But even more shocking is how KBR spent some of the money. Former U.S. Army Corps of Engineers official Bunnatine Greenhouse has blown the whistle on the Dick Cheney–linked company’s profits of war.

By Michael Shnayerson - Republished from Vanity Fair

This time, she was sure, they were going to get her.

Bunnatine Greenhouse had been a huge nuisance since the buildup to the war in Iraq—questioning contracts, writing caveats on them in her spidery script, wanting to know why Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR (formerly known as Kellogg, Brown and Root) should be thrown billions of dollars of government business while other companies, big and small, were shut out...

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