Thursday, March 31, 2005

WARNING! Play it SAFE! Write about things you KNOW, and that will benefit THE GREATER GOOD (home, family, community....) bye, bye jg/jg?

I went to my favorite blog-0-rama site www.AMERICABLOG.ORG, for entertainment and (to quote the self-bloviating Bill O'REILLY) "pithy" commentary, and lo and behold ~~~ HACKED?

hacked?sukabi Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 3:10 am #

Those are Blogger template tags...Why they are showing up instead of the actual content is beyond me...Its not like its only the template that is loading, because there are separate, individual posts.Weird.Forrest Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 3:18 am #

Don't think my handlers will retaliate? Fuck with me and find out. I guess you already have. JJGG Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 3:20 am #

Scrawler Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 3:38 am #

Well, I disagree, I think $BlogItemTitle$ is wrong!And what's more what's all this about $BlogItemBody$?!! We have to remember this is a free country and we must protect our right to $BlogDateHeaderDate$!Scrawler Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 3:44 am #

wtf?wtf! Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 3:52 am #

Au contraire, $BlogCommenterBeginScrawler/EndScrawler$! This is only a free country for $BlogHalliburton&Begin#FreeMoneyNoBidContracts/EndPeasantRage$!David Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 3:53 am #

For some reason it's not accessing and displaying the files in the php database. There's something wrong in SQL Town. Brian Hamilton Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 4:00 am #

What the $BlogItemTitle$ ?!!EBK Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 4:01 am #

Uh, John, in case you haven't been told, something is seriously wrong with the blog. We're getting code.ghostcatbce Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 4:03 am #

Maybe Falwell died and left the leftosphere leftless!!!David Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 4:04 am #

What the $BlogItemTitle$ ?!!EBK Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 4:13 am #

!Laszlo Panaflex Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 4:21 am #

[Uh, John, in case you haven't been told, something is seriously wrong with the blog. We're getting code.]Yeah, but it's the middle of the night where he is, so we'll have to wait till morning. tireiron chef Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 4:51 am #

some of us are up on the east coast. not that it does any good,lol.bandana Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 4:59 am #

Maybe Chris can do something...Virtra Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 5:17 am #

I think a server stuffed in some closet somewhere needs to be let out so it can reboot....S Thorens Email Homepage 03.31.05 - 5:51 am #

Of course, as of this writing, it is 6:30 AM on the east coast, and later this morning I am sure the blog will be fixed or be moved elsewhere, reincarnated, or "reinvented". [Question: was it because of the naked pictures of Gannon? Was it Gannon who did it? Or John A. posing as Gannon f--ing--er--hacking himself?]

Last night, my husband and I were watching The West Wing (as all good politico-junkies do) , and advised me when I asked 'should I rep JG?' His reply: "No one will know who he is where it matters in a couple of months. Stay away. There is nothing in it for you. Poison." [ Now of course, to me, being his handler would simply be a kick! Why are so many warning me not to go down this road? Is AmericaBlog's malady a WARNING SIGN for you, Miss Kilroy2005?]

It reminds me of that old classic radio routine that I am NOT old enough to remember:

Robber: Your money or your life?
Jack Benny: I'm thinking it over!

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