Thursday, June 02, 2005

How Woodward was "scooped" - and who are John O'Connor, Esq and the Kuhn Projects company?

The Media machinations of "deep throated", according to the venerable New York Times:

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How Mark Felt Became 'Deep Throat' The FBI's Role Video: Woodward Special Report
Revisting Watergate -->

Follow the Money: The Marketing of Deep Throat
Publishers and Producers Eager for Secret Source's Story

By Jennifer Frey - Washington Post Staff Writer- Thursday, June 2, 2005; Page C01

On Tuesday, an old man emerged from the shadows to solve a mystery that had long intrigued political experts, journalists and just plain Americans. Yesterday, as he was chauffeured away from his house in Santa Rosa, Calif., he rolled down his car window and jovially told reporters that he now plans to "write a book or something and get all the money I can."

Welcome, Deep Throat, to the modern media marketing machine.

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